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Disney Meets The Hundreds, new Street Wear

The Hundreds and The Walt Disney Company team up to present “The Lost Boys” a new line of street wear featuring the gang of eternal youths from Never Never Land. The video below previews a limited edition drop to occur this Thursday December 11th at The Hundreds stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Wish I could get my hands on some event swag, anyone want to help a Disney Blog editor out?

In the video Bobby Hundreds talks with some of the Disney Product Designers who worked on the project. These designers focus on what Disney calls their “Halo” brands, so some of the artwork is a little bit out there. (Mickey with three eyes, for instance.)


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1 thought on “Disney Meets The Hundreds, new Street Wear”

  1. What a sad, sorry statement on the current mindset of Disney Consumer Products. I blame that ex-Nike guy, Andy Mooney for reducing the classic characters to such a base level, trying to appeal to the mindless masses. I used to love Disney and what it stood for, but now I see it as a big, dumb corporation that is only interested in prostituting its rich legacy to make a quick buck. Such crap….

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