Scott Joseph returns to Disney and asks “where’s the beef?”

Food critic Scott Joseph returns to Walt Disney World and reports on shrinking options at the resort’s buffets.

Prime rib has been replaced on buffet serving lines at Walt Disney World restaurants with whole strip loins. The official, company line is that the switch was made for aesthetic reasons. Lenny DeGeorge told me that prime rib is not meant to be cut into small slices, which is how people in a buffet situation request it. He says they want smaller portions because they’re sampling a lot of different things and don’t want to fill up on just prime rib.

I’m sure that’s it. Nothing about saving money with a cheaper cut of beef.

Scott also had another mission in mind, a visit to Citricos; coincidentally the one restaurant on property I have never dined at. Apparently, I’m missing some really good fish and some bad risotto.