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Disney Channel’s Debby Ryan meets fans and Pixies at Disneyland

This week Disney Online invited a few Disneyland guests to the new Pixie Hollow attraction for an event celebrating the official launch of the Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow virtual world ( Teen celeb Debby Ryan, from Disney Channel’s Suite Life on Deck, was at the event and took a break from flying her fairy avatar around and playing games in the Pixie Hollow virtual world to sign autographs for excited fans.

Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow is an online virtual world where guests can create their own Fairy avatar to take flight alongside Tinker Bell and their Fairy friends. In the world, Fairies help bring about the change of seasons through meeting friends, playing games and collecting items in nature. It’s very easy to sign up and get going. It took me about 10 minutes to design my fairy and get going.

Learn more about Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow virtual world in the press release below the cut:

(Photos Courtesy Disney. Photo 1: Debby Ryan and Fan Enjoy Pixie Hollow Virtual World. Photo 2: Fan Meets Famous Fairies – Tinker Bell and Iridessa.)


More Than 7.5 Million Fairies Created Can Now Take Flight

Disney Online, part of the Disney Interactive Media Group, invites guests to depart the mainland and set off on unforgettable journeys in the meadows of Pixie Hollow. Today marks the official opening of Disney Fairies Pixie Hollow (, an online virtual world where guests can create their very own Fairy to take flight alongside Tinker Bell and tons of Fairy friends. Inside Pixie Hollow, Fairies gather to help bring about the change of seasons through meeting friends, playing games and collecting items in nature.

“Pixie Hollow is an online destination where fans of all ages can become a Fairy and go to live in a magical world of Tinker Bell and her friends,” said Steve Parkis, senior vice president, Disney Online. “More than 7 and a half million Fairies have already been created and, until now, have been all dressed up with no place to go. Now, in Pixie Hollow, Fairies can join their friends, take flight and live their very own Fairy adventures.”

Features of Pixie Hollow include:

  • Play Talent Games – Help fellow Fairies bring about the change of seasons by playing talent mini games; help fish travel upstream with Silvermist and the other water Fairies, or light up fireflies with Iridessa and the light-talent fairies
  • Collect Curious Things – Find and collect useful items like leaves, flowers, and rare mainland trinkets; use them as ingredients for crafting, to shop in the treetops and to earn badges
  • Craft Incredible Creations – Create your own Fairy fashions and accessories by playing crafting games
  • Earn Special Badges – Earn colorful badges that showcase your adventures and accomplishments in your personal Leaf Journal. Plus, when you earn a badge, everyone around you will see your accomplishments

New exciting content will continue to be added to Pixie Hollow as the world grows; upcoming features include fantastic Fairy parties, embarking on thrilling wilderness quests and more. Pixie Hollow is free to play with the opportunity to upgrade to a membership for a monthly fee of $5.95.

In conjunction with the launch, Disney Consumer Products (DCP) is introducing a unique assortment of Disney Fairies toys that connect to Pixie Hollow, including the new award-winning Clickables™ Fairy Collection, which features magical jewelry and toys that seamlessly bring the fun of virtual social networking, gaming, trading and collecting into the real world for continuous play. The toys unlock special content in Pixie Hollow, allowing girls to make online Fairy friendships and add special virtual clothing, accessories and décor to their online Fairies’ world by simply “clicking” their Disney Fairies jewelry with their real-world friends offline. Girls can also play a handheld electronic LCD game to earn Tink Points offline that can be redeemed online for special butterfly friends that fly with their Fairies in Pixie Hollow.

In addition to the Clickables Fairy Collection, select new Disney Fairies toys include a “Pixie Pass” in the package, enabling kids to log on to a special Web site to receive special items for their virtual Fairy. Pixie Passes are included in the following products: Tinker Bell’s Talking Café, Tinker Bell Style-N-Share Tink, Tinker Bell Pet Picnic, Tinker Bell & Cheese the Mouse, Pixie Hollow Purse Set and Pixie Flutter Tinker Bell.

In anticipation of Pixie Hollow launching and Walt Disney Pictures’ Tinker Bell releasing on Disney DVD and Blu-Ray October 28th, the new Disney Fairies connected toy line is available now at mass retailers and at

About Disney Fairies
Disney Fairies is rooted in Disney’s rich heritage of children’s storytelling. The franchise builds upon the enormous popularity of Tinker Bell and introduces girls to her secret, magical world and a new circle of enchanting fairy friends – each with an incredibly diverse talent, personality and look. Launched just three years ago, the franchise generated $800 Million in global retail sales in 2007 and boasts a thriving publishing and lifestyle merchandising program. To date, nearly 12 million Disney Fairies books have sold globally across 55 countries; Disney Fairies magazines have sold 3 million copies in 28 countries and an array of products from apparel and toys to electronics, home décor and stationery has extended storylines into many girls’ homes around the world. Fans have created more than 7.5 million personalized Fairy avatars that can now take flight in the virtual world of Pixie Hollow ( A series of four animated films is planned for release on Disney DVD and Blu-Ray beginning with Tinker Bell which will also release theatrically in select international markets.

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  1. My girls and I got to meet Debby Ryan! Not this week at Disneyland as you say she was there, but on November 10th!

    She was soo gracious and willing to let me take a picture of her with my girls. In fact, I’m thinking it was the same day as this event you wrote about because after looking at the picture of her with a fan, and looking at the picture I took of her with my girls, she’s wearing the exact same shirt! LOL.

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