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ESPN places $125 million bid for rights to College Football Championship

Disney’s ESPN cable sports network brand is making a bid to become a big player in the Bowl Championship Series.

Disney made a reported $125 million bid for the rights to the complete Bowl Championship Series, the five annual contests — the Orange, Sugar, Fiesta and Rose bowls plus the BCS National Championship — that ultimately determine college football’s No. 1 team.

Fox, which has the rights to all but the Rose Bowl at a cost of $82.5 million per year, has upped its bid to $100 million. If Disney is successful, ESPN will air the games beginning in 2010. The Rose Bowl, currently airing on ABC, would likely also move to ESPN.

I really hope the big wigs at ESPN listen to the talking head talent they’ve hired. Nearly all of whom agree that NCAA Division I football needs to end in a playoff series, at minimum a plus one game. Imagine the hero ESPN would become to college football fans everywhere.