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Sunday Disney News and Links Roundup

Hope you all had a marvelous weekend. I ducked out for a quick visit to the parks on Saturday and was amazed at how crowded the parking lots were. Both of Epcot’s main parking lots were full at 4pm and Magic Kingdom was parking Dopey. I’m sure cheaper gas helped bring some locals in for the day. Attraction waits in the parks were longer than normal, but not the length of the mega-busy days either. Magic Kingdom even extended its operating hours and added a second Spectromagic. So far so good for Disney parks as far as the economy goes.

  • Kathy at the DIS Unplugged blog went to see the inaugural Dragon Boat festival at Downtown Disney. I totally forgot about that, but thankfully Kathy’s amazing pictures captured the event for everyone to see. I hope it comes back next year.
  • Epcot Central continues his critical look at the path Walt Disney’s dreams of EPCOT has taken in the last 20 or so years.
  • Over at Progress City don’t miss BeaconJoe’s “modest proposal” on what Walt Disney World resort could to to improve the nightlife there.
  • Michael at All Things Disney stayed at and reviews the newly opened Mona Lisa Hotel/Condo complex in Celebration (although it’s closer to the I-192). Sounds like a great place if you can get a reasonable rate.
  • The Orange County Resort Blog of the OC Register has an interview with the original Disneyland Ambassador Julie Rheims. In it she reveals that she was hand picked by Walt Disney himself. Well, duh.
  • The decision to build more and better attractions at Disneyland Paris Resort was a good one. It’s finally showing a profit. They also are doing a good job at capturing audiences with holiday themed events. Keep up the good work guys.
  • With the France Grand Prix off the Formula One schedule for 2009, it’s looking better than ever that future France Grand Prix races will be held at the Disneyland Paris Resort in Marne-Valley. This F1 fan hopes Disney can pull it off.
  • Don’t miss these brief comments from Tim Burton in the LA Times on his Alice in Wonderland film, Johnny Depp, and “Dark Shadows”, a vampric Opera also staring Johnny Depp. Has there every been a better director/actor combo than Burton and Depp?
  • Businessweek reports that The Walt Disney Company remains the strongest stock among all the media companies. It’s certianly the most diverse and therefore able to withstand some of these economic duldrums we find ourselves in.
  • Btw, The Disney Blog has a new look to those of you viewing it via the iPhone. Those of you viewing the blog that way, what do you think?

Once again, I’ve listed a few items on eBay. I appreciate you checking them out to see if anything strikes your fancy. A bid will help me pay the bills around here. Highlights are three Rare Disney jackets. I figure now that the cooler weather is making itself felt across most of the US, there may be some Disney fans interested in owning a Cast Member exclusive Disneyland Fire Department jacket, or a 2 of 500 Limited Edition Suede Leather Disneyana Jacket, or even a Millennium Mickey WDCC Event Jacket. Thanks again for checking them out.

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  1. There are also rumors flying around that Zac Efron has been approached for a role in Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

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