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Dancing with the Stars – Week 3 Results

So here we are with another results show. I think my roommate just spoiled the ultimate outcome for me (thanks to Sports Center), but let’s find out.

Encore: Well, instead of a true encore this week, Maks and Edyta did the routine that Misty and Maks would have done last night. It was a great Jive. And they did tell us that Misty came through her surgery just fine, which is the best news.

But I was right where it mattered. They aren’t sending anyone home tonight. Instead, they are combining the scores from this week and next week and will send the couple with the lowest scores from those two weeks home next week.

However, they did tell us who would have gone home. That’s interesting because it tells the couples who needs to work the hardest next week. But since they didn’t tell us who else was in the bottom two, the next lowest couple doesn’t know they are at risk, too.

Anyway, the couple who would have gone home is Rocco and Karina. Frankly, it should be Cloris. But Rocco is my vote for next to go after she does, so I’m okay with that. Either way, he’s going to have to work very hard if he is going to make it beyond next week and send Cloris home.