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WSJ forecasts rough time for WDW

The Wall Street Journal is wondering about how Walt Disney World is going to do with the slower economy. Will bookings go down?

In late July, company officials said September bookings at Disney’s U.S. resorts were on par with last year, and that bookings for the holiday season were slightly ahead.

The company hasn’t provided any updated booking information since then. But analysts and other industry observers expect the global economic situation to soften demand for rooms at the company’s resorts and attendance at its parks in early 2009.

Disney’s stock has gone up and down recently, but in general it is the strongest of the studio stocks.


2 thoughts on “WSJ forecasts rough time for WDW”

  1. When the dollar is soft, the number of guests from other countries goes up. I don’t think Disney will have a problem.

    1. Thanks for the comment Juli.

      I think Disney parks will be better off than others in the industry. But the news of the the last couple days of European banks starting to fail is not good for travel no matter how weak the dollar is. As falling Gas prices indicate, it has been getting stronger.

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