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How to ruin your Disney vacation for $10

When I was working at a summer camp before I left home for College, I got a letter from my girlfriend telling me she’d helped my mom at the garage sale. Oh no, I thought, I didn’t know there was going to be a garage sale! My mom will sell all my comics, souvenirs, and other memorabilia. And you know what, I was right.

Some of the comics or other memorabilia she sold might have been worth enough today to pay for a Walt Disney World vacation for my family. But most families have to do it the hard way, socking away a dollar here, saving five bucks there until it all adds up to enough money for a vacation (as little as $1600 if you believe Disney’s ads).

The safest place to put this money is in a bank account or CD (where it can earn interest). But what if you’re trying to hide it from your spouse in order to surprise her with a vacation, you may be willing to give up that interest and just hide it somewhere your wife will never look. Like that Sin City DVD you haven’t watched in a few months. (You can see where this is going…)

Of course, the wife, thinking “gee we haven’t watched that Sin City DVD in a few months”, goes ahead and sells the DVD for $10 at a garage sale without telling you. And there goes your family vacation to Walt Disney World for the year. I hope they’re able to work that out, because that just sucks!

(Via WXYZ)