Skip to content confirms Star Tours 2.0 (and Soarin’!), which is known for being conservative when announcing rumor confirmations, has just confirmed that Star Tours 2.0 will be coming to Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, other parks with the attraction have not yet signed on. I take this as a near certainty now that we’ve had Anthony Daniels confirm he cut some voice tracks and a Lucasfilm head artist confirm he was assigned to the project.

The other attraction confirmed to be changing is the long rumored new film for Soarin’. As California Adventure’s theme changes (and eventually the park’s name changes too) it won’t make sense for a California themed movie to be there… and it never really made sense for it to be at The Land pavilion in Epcot either. The new film is likely to have a ‘world’ theme. With that in mind what are some of the places in the world you’d like to see but are very unlikely to ever get a chance to hang glide over.

Both new films are expected to debut sometime in late 2009.

Via for Star Tours and Soarin.