Disneyland Paris still rebounding, just slower

Euro Disney SCA, the operating company for Disneyland Paris resort and theme parks, reported slower growth in the 3rd quarter. The softness was blamed on the early Easter Holiday. But hey, at least it’s growth, right. Plus other more important numbers were up:

Sales at Euro Disney’s theme parks rose 5 percent to 182 million euros in the third quarter, thanks to more visitors from France, the Netherlands and Italy, as well as higher spending per guest.

Higher room rates helped lift sales at the company’s hotels and Disney Village shopping and entertainment center by 2 percent to 135.4 million euros ($213.1 million) in the third quarter.

Michael over at All Things Disney blog has one of the better analysis’ of the current state of affairs at Euro Disney that I’ve seen. I learned a few things about the convoluted way Disneyland Paris is run. No wonder they’re having trouble breaking even.