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Are you tired, listless? Do you scan your iPod looking for something new? Does your playlist need a shot in the arm? Well,


Citizens of the Disney podcast world when the everyday world becomes too much to bear, look no further than The Adventures of a Teenage Disney Geek. Your friendly neighborhood Disney Geek is Keegan “Smith” a teenager from the Mid-Atlantic region who provides his unique perspective on the Disney Parks. It is safe to say that you will never listen to one of his shows with a straight face. The Teenage Disney Geek is joined every episode by his Dysfunctional Super Family. Let me tell you, there is no other family like the “Smith’s.”

With Super Hero names like, “Mommy Geek”, “Lightening Fast Fat Guy” and “Mrs. Buckethead” you should have no doubt how hilarious this show can get. It goes without saying that the one who steals the show is Keegan’s little sister Mattie, AKA Mrs. Buckethead. She is absolutely adorable and so funny. When she makes an appearance you can be sure it will be like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Keegan’s parents, Phyllis and Matt, are my kind of parents, people who know how to have a good time and sincerely love taking their kids to the parks.

Every episode is filled with laughter, candid insight, the occasional frustration, and most importantly, love. It is so heartwarming to hear this family together. Keegan is a warm and caring young man, who loves what he does and loves sharing it with the world. The Royal Family and I had the joy of meeting the “Smith’s” at a non-Disney park. They were so warm and welcoming. It’s an experience that I’m looking forward to again in the very near future.

Right about now the Magic Never Ends crew is probably gagging so on to other things. The Adventures of a Teenage Disney Geek is the newest (and youngest) member of the Disney Podcast Network. Keegan and the Dysfunctional Super Family just celebrated their one year anniversary as a podcast. Keegan’s show has grown by leaps and bounds. For a kid his age, Keegan has begun to develop into a great podcaster. As he grows I have no doubt he will be one of the best.

Most of his shows are Disney focused and you’ll almost always find (as Keegan puts it very lovingly) his arch-nemesis the Magic Never Ends podcast in the audio pieces he puts together. However, every once in awhile Keegan throws in a show that has nothing to do with the Disney Parks; like his adventures at Busch Gardens Williamsburg with some of his high school buddies or his trip to New Orleans with his high school band. These gems are so much fun to listen to. But, he always returns to his first love, all things Disney.

So, if you’re looking to bust a gut laughing and want to know what a loving family sounds like, check out The Adventures of a Teenage Disney Geek. And do it quick, you may just hear this princess and her own Royal family on future episodes.

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