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TR2N – Tron 2.0 Surprise Preview at SDCC

Update: Found a videocam’d version of the tr2n trailer. Don’t know how long it will last. It’s fuzzy quality, but totally worth checking out.

Oh my. I’m 3000 miles away from San Diego and I can still feel the excitement from the surprise release of a new preview for Disney’s sequel to TRON. Yep, we had heard that the film was greenlit, but had no idea that production was under way, let alone casting finished and filming commenced.

Yet, as evidenced by the scene played for attendees of the “Race to Witch Mountain” panel Disney hosted at San Diego Comic-Con, Tron 2.0, or TR2N as the teaser title called it, is well under way. However, attendees were told that it would be about a year before more footage was revealed.

Adam Quigley from /film describes the teaser:

The teaser starts off with the camera panning through a strange stylized landscape. At this point, nobody knew what we were watching, so only silence filled the hall. And then, two blue/yellow suit-wearing motorcyclists burst into frame, engaged in a frenzy of a race. Audiences erupted in applause.

The race continues to grow heated between the two players until the yellow guy finds a way to swerve in front of the blue, leaving his yellow race trail behind him. The blue guy smashes into it and causes sort of an electric ripple, launching him over the edge of the track. He grabs on a ledge, just barely holding on.

Apparently Jeff Bridges makes an appearance as well. I like that Quigley feels the graphics and feel of the movie make it obvious this isn’t just another cash-grab sequel from the Mouse House, but a serious attempt at a revisiting the universe of TRON.

The 1982 original was a seminal moment in film making. Now that we’ve had 26 years to reflect on it, Tron is to CGI animation as Snow White has been to traditional feature length animation. OK, that might be a bit of a stretch, but it definitely helped inspire the techies and animators who launched Pixar. So we owe the original Tron creators for that at least.

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Update: FirstShowing has some great coverage. I’m still looking for actual video of the teaser… anyone have it?