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This week, we jump into the WTTM Time Machine and journey back 20 years. Ricky announces some exciting news at my sister’s house. And Lou has another big announcement? All this and more;


This week on WTTM #157; while Paul is enjoying himself at the NFFC Convention and Disneyland, we get another episode from the Window to the Magic Dream Team. I was a bit concerned this might be the Dichter episode but thankfully, no. This week we’re treated to a blast from the past. Magic Joe from the WTTM forums takes us on a trip back in time in the Window to the Magic Time Machine to celebrate Disneyland’s 30th Anniversary. It’s the summer of 1985; this princess was only 11 at the time and had never heard of Disneyland. Magic Joe has some great recordings of attractions long gone and those we can still enjoy. We even get to enjoy some cool ‘80’s tunes. If you remember the summer of ’85 or want to experience some stuff from the olden days, this week’s Window to the Magic is great. Now, when is Dichter showing up on WTTM?

This week on Inside the Magic, in Ricky’s “News Around the World” he reminds us that we could win an iPod Touch, want to know how? Check out this week’s show. During the July 15th rededication ceremony at Disneyland my dear sweet sister, Sleeping Beauty, announced the re-opening of the Castle walk-thru attraction. It should be opening in time for the holidays. Why do I hear family news second hand? Fantasmic at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will have a new schedule when American Idol Experience opens in January. Check out the show for details. And speaking of American Idol, auditions are now going on for a Seacrest-like host, judges and a warm-up act. If you think you’ve got the chops listen to this week’s show to find out more.

Ricky interviews Jody Daily about designing floats for the Pixar Play Parade. Forum member, Mr. Shiny, shares some audio from Disneyland Paris in his “Welcome Home” segment and Skipper Ben fills us in on his trip to The Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, TX. What does that have to do with Disney? Listen to this week’s Inside the Magic for the scoop.

We wrap up this post with WDWRadio #76. Due to Lou’s trip to MagicMeets this past weekend there’s no news or rumors this week. Lou interviews Kristi Breen, Director of Segment College and International Programs Recruitment, and Katherine Farmer, a recent graduate, to talk about the WDW College Program. We learn what it takes to get into the program and what it’s like to participate. If you think you might be interested or secretly hope your child might have a chance (Hello, my kids are being groomed as we speak) then this week’s show is for you. And now the big announcement, Lou and Tim Foster are launching Celebrations Magazine. I heard about this at MagicMeets ’08 and it looks like an awesome addition to the Disney Fan world. To hear all the details tune into this week’s WDWRadio show. You can also go to for all the info and to subscribe. Hmmm, I wonder how I can score a writing gig.

Well, that’s it for This Week on the BIG 3! Stay tuned for another new weekly blog post coming at the end of the week.


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    1. Hey Daniel! Glad you’re enjoying the post. This particular post is dedicated to WTTM, ITM and the WDWRadio Show. I review other podcasts every Wednesday in my “Have You Heard This” weekly post. Another new weekly post featuring a different show is in the works for a Friday release. Stay tuned!

  1. You should really think about expanding the’Big 3′ to include All About The Mouse and Mouse Guest Weekly. I think those 2 podcast fill out the spectrum of Disney fan podcast nicely.

  2. I was 14 in 1985 and went that year to Disneyland with my mom and brother when she went to CA for some convention during the summer.

    They were givging away a prize every 30 people who entered the turnstiles. I WON A PRIZE! I won a free 1day ticket to Disneyland (the only park at the time) and I still have it to this day. This is no expiration date anywhere on it so I assume they WOULD honor it if I tried to use it. But I plan on keeping it as just a souvenier.

    Great wrap up, and I enjoy your reviews of other podcasts you have done as well as this weekly big 3 series.

  3. I forgot about the Have You Heard This posts. Netcot is another really fun Disney podcast that I’m a loyal listener of. However, there won’t be a new show until next Friday (8/1).

  4. Hi Jenn:
    Pleasantly found your blog review by accident. Thanks for mentioning WTTM #157 which included “My Disneyland Memories” of 1985 audio. If you enjoyed (or hated, for others) the ’80’s tunes, you can catch (or skip) more of the same on WTTM #166 of Airplay’s complete 5:00pm set. I follow that (and, hopefully, redeem myself) with audio from this summer’s 2008 All-American College Band. Thanks again for the review and look forward to future Big 3 reviews.

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