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Latest Disney Fan Podcasts from the DPD

Editor: I’m honored to have Mike from The Disney Podcast Directory join us for what looks to be another regular look at the growing number of amazing podcasts put together by fans of the Walt Disney Company. Is there any other company out there with such a following?

Well let me start off with thanking  John for allowing me to post this on The Disney Blog. I am Mike Hamilton the webmaster the Disney Podcast Directory which you can visit at and this a post to let the readers here know of recent additions and updates made in the show listing over at my Disney Podcast Directory site.

The other day I posted some new items over at the Disney Podcast Directory. You can check out list of changes over there at the Updates page. But over here for The Disney Blog I will be providing a bit more of a write up of the new additions.

But first, one of the other changes, is that “The Adventures of a Teenage Disney Geek” was added to the Disney Podcast Network’s listings as the podcast has joined the ranks of the other fine podcasts in the DPN (Disney Podcast Network ). This is a very well produced podcast by Keegan and as a listener you get to go along with him and “The Dysfunctional Super Family”. The cast of “characters” are varied and entertaining. There is Keegan, the host, his sister “Princess Bucket Head”, and their parents “Mommy Geek” and “Lightning Fast Fat Guy” (or just “LFFG”). Although you do get many experiences in the parks of Walt Disney World, there are some shows from outside the bubble. WAY OUTSIDE the bubble, like Keegan hanging with some of his High School band mates in New Orleans while they were there for a Bowl game.

And now on to the newly added podcasts.

  • “Disney Tidbits” – This is a very new podcast that is created by Tairy Rich (also known as LittleRed) who if you listen to ”A Window to the Magic” you probably have heard several times as she and Paul Barrie are dating. The description from her page for this podcast (one of FOUR she does) is “Our simple fun facts, mysteries, or as I like to call them Disney Tidbits, are brought to you in upbeat short formats providing crazy behind the magic information you may know, may not know, have longed to know, or maybe a tidbit that never crossed your mind.” This weekly show is released on Thursdays and is a shorter length and gives you plenty of Disney Tidbits. I really enjoy listening to this podcast, and would recommend it to anyone looking for quick Disney fixes.
  • “WDW or Bust” – Is a podcast hosted by husband and wife team Garland and Mandy. They are two enthusiastic Walt Disney World fans who share their tips from their many trips to the mouse house. They do not seem to have a set schedule for publishing their shows, but they are fun and tip filled. You can really feel the Disney love from these two hosts who seem to “Get It” about always going to Walt Disney World.
  • “The BritMouse Podcast” – This is the first UK based fan produced Disney podcast that I know of. It is a really interesting change from the usual point of view of Walt Disney World, as they have been to Disneyland Paris more frequently. They are on their Fourth show, came out since I added them to the directory and this blog post, and in it they started a segment comparing DLP and WDW, and started, where else, with Main Street. This podcast’s audio production started out the best of any podcast I can remember in a long time, and the quality has stayed though the four shows so far.
  • “Travel Girl’s Tips for Disney World” – This is a podcast I first heard of through the forums at the site for the Passporter, which I have been an annual purchaser of for several years. The host is the author of “Passporter’s Disney Speed Planner”. The shows on this podcast are fairly short, I believe in the 5 – 10 minute range, and on one quick topic cover a specific planning tip.
  • “Disney Vacation Photos” – This is a VIDEO podcast created to show off Disney Vacation photos. Each show is a vacation picture slideshow with Disney music in the background. The host is looking for everyone who wants to share their vacation photos to send them to him for inclusion on an upcoming show. This is a really nice relaxing way to view some pictures of Disney parks.
  • “WDW Mic’d Up” – This show I am not too familiar with, as after he started he took a long break and just recently came back with a couple shows. I believe this is due to the host now being out of school for the summer. I am interested in seeing how this show develops over time, as it is always interesting to get different peoples perspectives on the Disney parks.

This is the first post I have done for The Disney Blog regarding the new additions to The Disney Podcast Directory . I hope to provide a blog post over here every time I make significant updates to the site or the shows listed on the site. Please feel free tom come over and visit The Disney Podcast Directory AFTER reading all the great posts here, as there are lots more podcasts than these few I mentioned here.