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New Skits from The Muppets

As you may know, The Muppets are revving up again. There’s a new feature film on the horizon and talk of a primetime television show returning as well. Recently a few new videos have been put up on youtube and the feeling is they’re an attempt to get some viral attention. And who am I to deny them that after all the happiness The Muppets have brought me over the years.

I particularly like how they’re mixing in some special effects with the puppets to bring them more up to date with what we are seeing on TV these days. If you may recall there was also a video put out around the 4th of July with a bit of a patriotic bent.

10 thoughts on “New Skits from The Muppets”

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  3. The shorts are great, and I like how they are mixing old with new as you mentioned in your article. Another interesting thing to note, have you noticed the armchairs that the old guys are sitting in… If you pause it, you will notice that the “fabric” of the chairs looks a little “Haunted Mansion-esque”

  4. I believe these videos were released to see how much interest is still out there for the Muppets. With their “Studio DC: Almost Live” being postponed for 3 weeks, this gives them another opportunity to see how much interest there is.

  5. Thanks for posting those videos! I got a huge kick out of them and hope that The Muppets come back with this kind of stuff (perhaps an updated movie at Studios?).

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  7. I think Muppets are going to do all right. It’s taken some time to recover from the loss of Jim Henson . . . he was, in many ways, the heart of the Muppets. But the tact they are taking with the new movie (getting a regular feature/comedy director and writer who love the Muppets) sound like exactly the right approach. We’ll see how it plays on the Disney Channel–where Wizards of Waverly and Suite Life seem to be what sticks, and there hasn’t been much in the way of sketch comedy–Muppeted or not–that has worked with the tween audience in the past many years. Time will tell, but I have higher hopes for the new Muppet movie than for the Disney Channel TV show.

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