Jay Leno on ABC?

You may have heard that the other night Jay Leno strongly hinted that since NBC executives were so ready to get rid of him, Leno is ‘retiring’ next year, he might just next be appearing on ABC. Well, ABC hopes he wasn’t just hinting:

“I can’t believe they are going to let this guy go at the top of his game,” McPherson said of Leno. “If that happens, I guess we’ll look at it and we will talk.”

That’s ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson, btw.

I’m actually fairly happy with the way ABC ends its days, 45 minutes of Nightline and then an hour of Jimmy Kimmel is just about right. However, there is no reason that NIghtline couldn’t be moved up to 10pm and then 2 and a half hours of a combined Kimmel and Leno show fill up the rest.

Btw, you know who else would be a great catch to fill in the wee-morning hours… Craig Ferguson. Yeah, that British Scottish chap who was on the Drew Carey show. I watched his Late Late Show on CBS while I had insomnia a few weeks ago and boy was he funny.

9 thoughts on “Jay Leno on ABC?”

  1. There is no way that they would move Nightline to the 10 PM slot because that would mean 5 fewer hours of primetime every week. Kimmel would have to leave.

  2. I would be glad to see Leno move to ABC late nite, as I refuse to watch Conan–so, I will watch Letterman or find Leno where ever he is!

  3. Brynnwriter, Pittsburgh PA

    What was NBC thinking — letting Leno go!? Not Good! Wherever Leno goes, I’ll be watching!

  4. After Johnny Carson left the Tonight show, I could give a rat’s *** who took over. Since NBC didn’t have the foresight to put somebody funny, like Letterman, or Robin Williams, in the spot… as far as I’m concerned, the show died the night Johnny left us. Leno isn’t half the comedian Johnny was, and doesn’t bring the bright, witty and funny aura to the show. After Johnny left, the show became quite lackluster and dull. I haven’t watched the show since Johnny retired, past one or two episodes of Leno flopping around like a dying fish.
    As for replacing Leno with Connan… that’s adding insult to injury. Conan is to Leno, as Leno was to Johnny; a pale substitute for the King of Late Night Comedy.

    We miss you, Johnny… There will never be another like you.

    Of course, this is only my opinion; I could be wrong. (Dennis Miller disclaimer)

    Come to think about it; Dennis Miller would be the perfect replacement for Johnny Carson. He still has that edge when it comes to running riffs and rants on current affairs. He has a sense of timing and delivery that Leno and Conan can only aspire to.

    1. John,

      I was kind of following you until you mentioned that loser Dennis “Friggin” Miller. He couldn’t find a joke if it fell out of the sky and hit him over his flat head. Don’t you know? Dennis has gone all Faux Newy on us and he is not at all funny.

      On Jay, I don’t watch him as much as I did Johnny, but who could replace the Great One? Given the crop of comedians out that, you would have to put Leno really close to the top. Hang in there Jay.

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