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Merger brings management changes to Disney Interactive Media Group (DIM)

Disney Interactive Media = DIM. Sorry Disney, I couldn’t resist. They, of course, prefer the acronym DIMG, but that doesn’t sound out very well. DIG has been done and might have bad connotations at the Mouse House after that billion dollar debacle. So DIM it is. Maybe they work with the lights off….

But I digress.

Disney Interactive and Walt Disney Internet Group are in the process of finalizing their announced merger, that of course brings management changes. Steve Wadsworth remains the general BMOC, but:

Graham Hopper, the current EVP and GM of DIS, will continue to run Disney Interactive Studios while Paul Yanover, current EVP and GM of Disney Online in the US, will run Disney Online (DOL) globally. Club Penguin co-founder Lane Merrifield will run virtual worlds development and operations as part of DOL. Larry Shapiro will be responsible for DIMG global strategy, business development, corp communications and legal. Also, Mark Handler is retiring as head of WDIG International and has agreed to work with the company for the next six months.

The full memo is at the Washington Post.