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Disney files $1,000,000 Lawsuit Against Family Party Business for Use of Pooh Characters

WFTV reports on a lawsuit Disney has filed against a Lake County, FL family owned business for using Disney characters as part of their party entertainment business. It’s in video format, but the bonus is you get to see the really ‘high’ quality of Pooh character costumes they had purchased from eBay to use in their party business.

Alas, these weren’t look-a-like costumes where it could be argued that they weren’t infringing on Disney’s trademark and copyright. I’m especially not very sympathetic to someone who lives practically next door the Magic Kingdom and claims to not know what they were doing would upset Disney’s lawyers. Not to mention impacting the magic of kids and families who expected real Disney quality characters and got those shoddy eBay knockoffs instead.

The Walt Disney Company has every right to take them to the cleaners, but it sounds like the family might get off with just a slap on the wrist and covering Disney’s legal fees.

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