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NY Times on Fine Dining at Walt Disney World

I can pretty much pinpoint the exact moment when food prices for sit down restaurants at Walt Disney World elevated beyond the reach of my budget. It was just following the first off-season offering of the free meal plan with your Walt Disney World vacation.

Prices rose along with the increased demand and, many feel, that the quality went down in inverse proportion. Oh, we tried to continue our occasional fine dining experience, but the value for the dollar was just no longer there for us who remember what it was like when prices were reasonable, reservations available, and food quality still the tops. Eventually, we just gave up eating at sit down restaurants all together.

The hard fact is Disney hasn’t really missed us at all. They’ve increased the prices and the demand for dining is as high as ever. In fact, demand for more dining is a large part of what’s behind the closing of the night clubs at Pleasure Island and planned addition of more eateries.

Thankfully, throughout this mess there have been a few Disney restaurants where the value for the dining dollar still exists. Yes, they’re at the top of the line in terms of price. But for a special occasion they’re worth it. The New York Times takes a look at four of those establishments; Jiko, Flying Fish Cafe, California Grill, and Victoria & Albert’s. Set your mouth to watering now.