Fun with Links on Saturday Morning

  • The Pixar Blog has more high quality screencaps from WALL-E. Click on each picture for the large (desktop image size) image.
  • The excellent Twitter and Live Earth Maps mashup Twisney is getting hailed as a prime example of new citizen journalism by none less than the Wall Street Journal. Way to go Scott! The Social Media Marketing blog has a bit more to say as well.
  • More disabled are switching to the Segway to provide their primary means of transportation. I wonder if this wider acceptance will have an effect on the lawsuit demanding access to Disney property for those who use the Segway as an assistive device.
  • The new president of ABC Entertainment is the same as the old president of ABC Entertainment, Stephen McPherson has extended his contract with the Mouse House after months of talks.
  • Also in the NY Times is a story looking at the online virtual worlds created by Disney and targeted at children. No mention of the closing of Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom. Meanwhile a Jentasmic column examines something anyone feeling burned might want to consider before trying another Multi-User Virtual Game — do you own your character and is it portable to another game if the one you’re playing closes. Maybe we need a digital citizens bill of rights.