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Disney Gets Sued Over ‘Teacup Beating’ Incident

So now Disney is getting sued over the ‘teacup beating’ incident that took place at Walt Disney World Resort.  Sure, Disney has deep pockets, so I can understand why someone would file this lawsuit.  However, what could Disney really have done to prevent an attack by one guest on another?  Unless the plaintiffs can show that Disney knew the attacking guest was dangerous and allowed them to stay on property anyway, I just don’t see how Disney should be blamed.

I certianly hope this doesn’t get a jury that decides “Well, Disney does have deep pockets, so they should pay anyway.”

In cases like this, my opinion is that the individuals who perpetrated the harm should be held primarily responsible.  In other words, even if Disney was somehow partially at fault (let’s say, 10%), then the plaintiffs should be forced to sue the individual first and foremost, and then the establishment secondarily.  If the vicitim gets $100,000, the establishment would be responsible for paying only 10%, regardless of how broke the perp is.

As a shareholder and taxpayer, it bothers me when companies and municipalities are sued and pay when some invidual not even associated with the organization is the primary agent of the wrong.