Women’s Murder Club: And the Truth Will (Sometimes) Set You Free

I really didn’t know where they were going to go with this episode. I mean, not only are we dealing with a murder, but we were dealing with accusations of rape. I was afraid this would give us opportunities for politically correct lecturing. And yet they didn’t. They told us a great story that kept me guessing the entire way.

It starts with the discovery of a body on the track at a local college. The victim was shot twice at close range. But what really heats this case up is the fact that the victim was one of two young men accused of rape two months before but the charges were dropped when the DA decided there wasn’t enough evidence.

Naturally, the first suspect is the rape victim. But Kate has the perfect alibi. She was at a party at the time the guy was killed. So Lindsay and Jacobi start winding through a trail of potential suspects including the rape victim’s boyfriend, and the murder victim’s friend who was also accused of the rape.

But the case also divides our fearless four as Cindy writes an article that slams the DA’s office and makes Jill get defensive.

Whenever I am reading a mystery novel, I get so frustrated when the killer is only caught because they come out swinging for our hero. Otherwise, they could have gotten away with it. I thought for a few minutes that’s what they were going to do here. That scene was really irritating me until he hit Cindy. And yes, I actually did gasp when we saw that. Fortunately, she’ll be fine.

But they actually rode out the plot until almost the end this week by introducing a twist on who the killer really was. How the murder took place was a bit of a stretch, but the confession scene was so well done I missed that until I was thinking about it later.

And that final arrest scene? Priceless. Well played by everyone. I wanted to stand up and cheer.

We really don’t get much about the ladies’ personal lives this week other than Lindsay’s new romance with Pete. He’s definitely leaving in a week. Or so they say now. I definitely liked it better than last week since we got something beyond Jr. High out of it. Still not sure it makes me like Lindsay’s character any more, but I liked her anyway to begin with. Frankly, I’d like to see one of the other ladies’ private lives truly explored so we can see more of them. I keep seeing this as more of an ensemble show, but they keep giving Lindsay more screen time then any of the others each week.

Next week, looks like we’ll have a final showdown with the Kiss-Me-Not Killer. Should be good.