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VMK Users Struggle to Save Their Community

Disney’s Virtual Magic Kingdom players continue to struggle to stop The Walt Disney Company from evicting them from their online homes. They’ve started to get a bit more press and now they’re organizing for a street protest on Saturday May 10th.

VMK Kids Unite plans to gather outside the gates of Walt Disney’s original Magic Kingdom in Anaheim, CA in hopes this will convince the powers that be at Disney not to shut down VMK. I wish them luck

The full press release is below the cut:

For Release 3 p.m. DST May 2, 2008

Disney, “Year of a Million BROKEN Dreams”
Over a million guests to Disney Magic Kingdom are told the online park is closing, forever.
Burbank, California – May 2, 2008 – In an unprecedented action, Disney officials are closing the gates to one of their family parks, forever. Last month, over a million registered visitors were given formal notice that the online Magic Kingdom (VMK) will close forever on May 21, 2008, 10:00PM DST. Guests are being told the experience was only to promote, the now three year old, Disney’s 50th Anniversary Celebration despite Disney’s continued advertising partnerships with Kellogg’s, Disney Pin Trader, eBay and up through last month, Disney Movie Rewards. Kids & parents throughout United States and around the World are done asking, “Why?” and are now taking financial actions and protesting Disney.
On May 10, 2008, VMK Kids Unite ( will be out in front of Disneyland in Anaheim, California to protest the recent decision to close the online park and publicly ask Disney why they are breaking the dreams of over a million kids throughout the World. The organization is calling upon Disney to remain true to their promise and not make this the “Year of a Million BROKEN Dreams” as these kids will permanently lose hundreds of friendships, forever.
Various sites and discussions, including the Save VMK, an online petitioning organization with over 16,000 signatures, are now calling for a boycott of all Disney related products and services. This new guest initiated movement to boycott Disney has yet to change the minds of top Disney Officials. Walt Disney Internet Group spokesman for and producer of VMK, Seth Mendelsohn (yavn) said recently, “We hear you and we share your concern and sorrow”; however, offered no revision of their decision to close the online park.
“Disney has yet to show any compassion for the kids whose dreams are being broken by their discussion to close the park.” said Christopher Douglas spokesman for VMK Kids Unite, “It is time to publicly ask Disney; what happened to the Year of a Million Dreams?”. Obtaining the final clearance from the City of Anaheim Planning Department their protest is moving forward on May 10, 2008, 7 to 11AM, currently with over 30 pre-registered participants, around the main thoroughfares to Disneyland at the intersections of West Ball Road & South Disneyland Drive and the second location at South Harbor Boulevard & Disney Way in the City of Anaheim.
“At first, I just saw this (VMK) as a game that people use to entertain themselves; however, when you hear of Madison Reed, an 11-year-old spinal muscular atrophy sufferer, who for the first time could virtual walk in the happiest place on Earth and not be judged by her inabilities you realize the dreams of kids throughout the World will be broken, forever”, says Jamie Knoll who was originally supportive of the closure.
VMK Kids Unite is an organization formed to unite guests who are being displaced by the recent decision to close the online Magic Kingdom, a game that goes beyond the typical multiplayer game. It allows safe, interactive social networking for kids of all ages, known as, “The Happiest Place on the Internet”. With support of various organizations VMK Kids Unite is bringing together the community for an opportunity to ask Disney if they really intend to directly destroy the dreams of over a million kids throughout the World.
For more information, press only:
Christopher Douglas, (818) 574-5865, [email protected]
For more information on VMK Kids Unite:

4 thoughts on “VMK Users Struggle to Save Their Community”

  1. Dr. Nigel Channing

    Sigh…good luck, kids. I think closing VMK is about the dumbest thing Disney has evern done, but I doubt a protest or anything will change their minds. I like VMK, my son likes it…will be sad to see it go.

  2. the only thing Disney understands is money, so we cause a boycott of all disney products.
    “whats that Mickey?” “oh thats just Walt doing flip flops in his grave!” Good Luck with the protest ppl

  3. I understand their crisis. I’m a former VMK player, and now effected by the closure. VMK was my only communication to old friends.

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