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Quick Links as of Sunday

  • Analysts are awaiting The Walt Disney Company’s quarterly fiscal update on Tuesday. Some idea of how the US economic slow down is affecting the parks is expected. All I know is it’s been very busy at WDW the last few months.
  • Sad news coming from the Disneyland Hotel as a patron committed suicide by jumping from the 14th floor. While not a frequent ocurance, it’s not unheard of either.
  • Here is a heart warming story about how Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is making a difference for one autistic child.
  • Keeping Up With Jonas reports that Disney has filed a motion to dismiss in the “Segway in the Park” lawsuit. I would like the courts to rule on this, but Jonas is predicting a dismissal.
  • Entertainment Weekly has some interesting backstory on the version of Toy Story that Disney had in production at their Circle 7 studio, which famously was created mostly as a bargaining chip to get Pixar to the table. Andrew Stanton, director of “Finding Nemo” and “WALL-E” dishes. The plot of that unmade film is revealed at the end of the story.
  • Andrew Stanton opens up his ‘domain’ for the New York Times Magazine. Btw, Andrew, that’s “Good Morning America” you should have on at 7AM. “Today” is your competitor.

1 thought on “Quick Links as of Sunday”

  1. Andrew is a “Today” show junkie and has been for many years.

    At a tribute to John Lasseter last year in Sonoma, Stanton told a story about forcing John and a group of coworkers to get up early to be in the crowd outside the studio during a business trip to New York.

    Months later, the group (minus Stanton) returned for voice casting while Stanton stayed in the Bay Area working on some Pixar project — while Lasseter and his cohorts were planning their revenge.

    Stanton said he got a call early that morning from Lasseter telling him to make sure to watch “Today.” So an hour or two later, Andrew’s home watching “Today” when he sees himself in the crowd, then he sees himself again, and then again.

    A half-dozen or so of his peers had secured photos of Andrew’s face on sticks and were even running to get into the cameras’ view.

    This is just one of the many great behind-the-scenes stories illustrating how much fun the Pixar staff has while doing incredible work.

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