Dancing with the Stars – 6.7 Results

Lots of stuff happening tonight, including “Dance Center” and an update on Cristian. Let’s jump right in.

Encore: I got this part right. Actually, if you listen to the judges, it is pretty easy to predict which dance they’ll want to see again. And Jason and Edyta’s Quickstep was the judge’s choice. However, instead of throwing papers this time, he gave Carrie Ann a high five at the end.

And there’s a new rule for next week. The couples can do one lift per routine as long as it is in keeping with the style of the dance. Frankly, I’m glad to see them change the rule like this since no one but Carrie Ann and me have been paying attention to that rule for a couple of seasons now. And it makes sense to change it part way through the season, too, once everyone has more experience. I would be behind them making it a permanent rule change part way through the season.

Dance Center was funny as always. No real one liners this time, but several laughs and a few chuckles and grins. Especially the clips of Mark Ballas’ facial expressions.

They finally updated us on Cristian and Cheryl at the very end. He has a torn tendon in his arm that will require surgery. But just before the show started, the doctor told him he can postpone the surgery until after Cristian has left the competition, so he is going to keep on dancing until it ends or he is eliminated.

Bottom Two:
Marissa Jaret Winokur & Tony Dovolani
Shannon Elizabeth & Derek Hough

I think this is the first time I’ve ever been wrong on both picks for the bottom two. I really had Cristian pegged to be down there. But looking at their scores again, it isn’t that surprising. Shannon was tied with Mario and Marissa was just one point ahead of them. I have a feeling the sympathy vote helped both Mario and Cristian in the end.

Ultimate, the star leaving was Shannon. Frankly, I thought she was better than some of the others left, and I’m sorry to see her go.

It will be interesting to see how the new lift rule effects the competition next week, especially with Cristian being injured. I honestly hope he doesn’t attempt a lift because that would just make a bad situation worse.

Looking ahead to next week, we’ll get more Dancing with the Star than ever with an extra hour on Tuesday looking at the 10 greatest dances on the show so far. Why? Because next Tuesday will be their 100th episode. Time flies when you do two shows a week, doesn’t it?