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Miley Cyrus jeopardizing her career with leaked photos?

In the 1960s Walt Disney had one rule for Annette Funicello, the leading lady of all Disney beach franchise films, she could wear a swimsuit, but she could never show a bare midriff. To do so would risk Annette’s brand as the wholesome girl next door and all the time and effort Walt spent building that up.

Flash-forward to 2007 when a set of nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens, a star in a leading role for Disney’s current hot franchise High School Musical, is leaked. There was an uproar, sure. But the net affect on Vanessa’s career and Disney’s franchise was negligible. My how times have changed.

So, why is everyone getting so upset when Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana) shows a little bit of her bra? Here’s how unracy this photo is. I’m willing to link to it on this PG-13 blog. Children today have been exposed to women and men in various states of undress a thousand times worse than this hundreds of times in their lives, just by watching commercials on Cartoon Network.

Really it’s no big deal. Please go back to your normal daily routine and resume your life. Thank you.

Btw, Annette’s Wikipedia page is the number one result for “Annette” in Google. That’s the power of a Disney star franchise.

(via Orlando Sentinel)