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Miley Cyrus jeopardizing her career with leaked photos?

In the 1960s Walt Disney had one rule for Annette Funicello, the leading lady of all Disney beach franchise films, she could wear a swimsuit, but she could never show a bare midriff. To do so would risk Annette’s brand as the wholesome girl next door and all the time and effort Walt spent building that up.

Flash-forward to 2007 when a set of nude photos of Vanessa Hudgens, a star in a leading role for Disney’s current hot franchise High School Musical, is leaked. There was an uproar, sure. But the net affect on Vanessa’s career and Disney’s franchise was negligible. My how times have changed.

So, why is everyone getting so upset when Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana) shows a little bit of her bra? Here’s how unracy this photo is. I’m willing to link to it on this PG-13 blog. Children today have been exposed to women and men in various states of undress a thousand times worse than this hundreds of times in their lives, just by watching commercials on Cartoon Network.

Really it’s no big deal. Please go back to your normal daily routine and resume your life. Thank you.

Btw, Annette’s Wikipedia page is the number one result for “Annette” in Google. That’s the power of a Disney star franchise.

(via Orlando Sentinel)

13 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus jeopardizing her career with leaked photos?”

  1. 1. It’s almost definitely not her.
    2. These pictures are no worse than what you see if you walk past Victoria’s Secret in the mall. In fact, VS is way worse.

  2. She needs SOMETHING to write about in her memoirs – what I assume will be Volume 1.

    Seriously… how can a 15-year-old announce that she’ll be writing her memoirs?

  3. Wow, talk about a mountain out of a molehill. People are just WAY too sensitive these days. She’s a kid being a kid and she’s done NOTHING wrong (or even stupid).

  4. It is a big deal if you have a young daughter 7-10. She is growing up too fast now for my 9 year old and I do not want my child growing up faster than she should. You shouldn’t come out geared for young viewers and then all the sudden change your style while your young viewers are still young and impressionable. Now she has a huge fan base of small children who want to be like Miley….

  5. It’s been confirmed on multiple sites and news sources that it’s not her. Just an impersonator.

  6. If it is her, I hope this this hype just goes away… That photo, is WAY more subdued, and artfull than many that my kids are exposed to everyday… You acn not drive down the express way wothoutseeing billboards for underware ads that are moe provocative… The press though, needs something to hype for ratings..

  7. Don’t know why my previous comment isn’t showing up, but anyway.. I’m really surprised at all these comments that say it’s no big deal. You probably don’t have kids, or if you do, you’re not a very good parent. You definitely don’t want your daughter exposing herself like that (or even acting like that.) Ask any father.

    And it’s NOT an impersonator. That’s been debunked. And there are slightly more risque photos out there of her in her panties/tanktop with no bra. Are you guys going to tell me that’s fine too?

  8. Margaret LeBlanc

    I feel all of you (Disney) should be ashamed of yourselves; you are the ones that are really exploiting this young woman (Miley Cyrus). You have made millions even billions off this young woman, portraying her as the young girl every other young girl out there wants to be like. In reality, she’s a young woman who is being pulled every which way, being told she needs to remain wholesome and to always do “the right thing”. What is your definition of wholesome anyway? You have her believing that she did something so distasteful and nasty, you have her hiding out and embarrassed as if she is being punished in the timeout chair and having her believe that she did such a bad thing, how’s that for someone’s self image.

    The photos of Miley in Vanity Fair that I have seen are in no way “nasty” or “distasteful”. The cover, in which shows Miley holding a sheet over herself covers more than what most teenage girls wear on the street. In my opinion, this photo portrays her in a very natural state, and in no way portrays any kind of gross sexuality. I am a mother of two daughters 12 and 16, there is no way that I would ban my girls from watching her show because the media is portraying Miley as some young sex pot, who would be a bad influence on my children. She comes from a good family who stand for family values, that is what I teach my children. I just can’t believe that you would reprimand this young woman who posed, like I stated before in a very natural state and with her father, in which that picture is even being portrayed as provocative. It’s been stated through the media that even that picture is questionable. She is completely covered, and the buzz is that she is nude under that sheet, well, when you wear a bathing suit your nude under that as well and there is cleavage when you wear a bathing suit, in my opinion it’s not any different wearing a bra and panties. Many young teenage stars are filmed or photographed wearing bathing suits and there’s not any controversy from that and there’s really not much left to the imagination wearing those garments.

    I can’t believe that you would participate with the media demoralizing and chastising this young girl. You talk about a 15 year old being manipulated to sell a magazine, how is that any different than what you are doing to her, you are manipulating this young woman to stay a child and not allowing her to grow up and to come into her own self. I will tell you what’s sexual, take Brooke Shields and Jodie Foster who both when they were even younger than Miley were exploited in highly sexual films and commercials who have both grown and developed into very strong and respected women today, and these films and such were made 20+ years ago when things were much more conservative. You turn the Television on today, look through a magazine everything nowadays exudes some form of sexual content or innuendo, that is what our children are being raised with. Also some 40+ years ago, Annette Funicello is prancing on the beach wearing a bathing suit in beach bunny movies; revealing much more than little Miley Cyrus completely covered only revealing her back. What is wrong with all of you, “hypocrites” that is what you are. Leave Miley Cyrus alone and stop chastising her in believing that she did something so terrible in which she is apologizing for something that really needs no apology.

    If you are going to make press statements why don’t you go publicly on issues that are much more pressing today such as, there are people starving all over the world, how chemical abuse is at it’s all time high, how our young men in the service are dying for oil and even teen pregnancy like Jamie Lynn Spears (for instance) and these are just to name a few. Disney, you say you are about family values, but what family values are you referring to, and is it for you to decide what is wholesome and what is not. Life today is much different than what it use to be and Miley Cyrus is being exactly what she is suppose to be right now, a young girl, (that you molded) who is extremely dedicated to her family and fans. Quit acting like such a martyr, Disney isn’t what it once was, now, it’s just a corporation who’s main goal is to make lots of money, how wholesome is that.

    Margaret L.
    A very disappointed Disney fan

  9. This is ridiculous! Miley has done nothing wrong and neither did Vanessa Hudgens. I may not have kids, but these pictures are in no way harmful to them unless perverted, prudish parents teach them to be disgusted with nudity or the human body. I wonder why many teen girls go through a phase of rebellion and are ashamed of their bodies? Gee…could it be they have been taught that the human body is disgusting and is meant to never be exposed except in private? Note my sarcasm? Also note that this country has so many hang-ups about nudity than many teen girls are getting pregnant earlier than ever before. Why, you ask? Well, if parents are too uptight to discuss open nudity with their kids, they’re bound to find out other ways. Now, what kind of parents have you become if you cringe at nudity and they go off on their own, doing things out of curiosity because they were never taught about non-sexual nudity? That’s my two cents. Agree or disagree?

  10. I really think that it isn’t that big of a deal. I know for a fact that she would not do something like that. She is really the only reason that people buy Disney Channel so they can watch her show.She is a good rolemodel and i think she knows that.

  11. I think she is just being a teenage girl.Why dont people just leave her alone.Her parents will deal with her just like any other parent would.Its got to be hard being famous,I just couldn’t amagine.But for someone to try and make up the story about it not being her well that just blows my mind,because i know it’s really her.My boys and I watch her show “every” time its on.We even watch the reruns over and over.But come on people just leave her alone and let her parents deal with it.My feelings did not change for Miley Cyrus.I still think she is a beautiful young girl and is a great actor.Let her live and learn from her mistakes.

  12. tamara bell /15 years old

    will ever drop this subject and lets settle on the fact that miley was right and wrong. wrong for taking the pics and right bc she’s only a teen with hormones. you adults i swear have nothing else better to do but gossip and complain. at least the girl isn’t selling her body or is pregnant like most of the teenage american girl today. i agree that she should have thought before acting but we teens almost never do. this would be super ok if her fans were all teens but they are kids starting at 4 years old and stopping at whatever age so i do understand some parent’s concern. these kids live to copy hannah bc to them she is so cool even i myself dream of having a famous life like hers is very catchy.but stop blaming the girl.these kids of the world still love her and there is nothing we can do about it we’ll just have to wait until the new craze come along bc everyone has to retire some day. let’s move on i have another more important topic for you adults to discuss World Hunger,Homeless People,and the pollution of the world, Where do we Began.

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