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Linky Disney Goodness – Thursday Roundup

7 thoughts on “Linky Disney Goodness – Thursday Roundup”

  1. Remember that Eisner not only has a long and storied history with Disney, but all of that time with ABC (pre-Disney) and a significant run at Paramount, too.

    Heck, if he had as much to do with getting “Airplane!” made as his book claims, then he should get a star for that alone!

  2. my understanding is that when you get a star it is because someone has paid for it. Sometimes it is a company promoting a current project, a fan club, the person themself. I wonder whi is paying for Mr Eisner’s?

  3. Please. Sure, Eisner needed to go but to deny that he didn’t make positive and trans formative changes at TWDC is just sheer stupidity.

    Alas, I forgot whose blog I was reading!

    1. I think you’re reading things into this post that just aren’t there. I didn’t say he shouldn’t get a star. Just that it was too soon after the disastrous second half of his reign at the Mouse House. Is the glass always half-empty for you?

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