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Why close VMK? Wonders Disney Analyst.

Rick Munarriz keeps an eye on the Walt Disney Company over at Motley Fool. He wonders why Disney is closing Virtual Magic Kingdom (VMK) when it should be using it as a gateway game into all of its other properties?

The site’s public rationale is that the community was never supposed to last forever. It was just a Disneyland milestone promotion. That’s hogwash. You don’t spend years shoving codes in cereal boxes and selling cards and pins in the actual parks for virtual goodies that will be deemed worthless in a few weeks. More importantly, if you want consumers to devote time to the new communities, you’re setting a terrible loyalty precedent by dismantling the one that started it all. Do you think any of the ex-VMK users will trust the new vibrant worlds Disney creates if they know they can all vanish under the guise of an anniversary promotion?

That’s a point made over and over again by the games players who are fighting to keep their community alive. But I think the mal-ease will extend beyond just the ex-VMK users. Any player of other games who might be looking at Disney will think twice before joining when they know Disney can and will pull the rug at any time. (Read)


3 thoughts on “Why close VMK? Wonders Disney Analyst.”

  1. I agree. The game wasn’t a just promotion and it’s confusing that they’re bringing it down to that level.

    I’d like to think that they’re scrambling to find a way to keep this community, but I think they would be lucky if 10% stayed on another Disney property after being dumped from VMK.

  2. Being a fan who has spent about 1,200 in the parks annualy, I haven’t spent a dime on anything Disney ever since VMK’s closing. And I never will.

    The magic in disney is gone for me.

  3. Just a follow up..

    Before VMK, I hit the parks about 5 times a year.

    During VMK, I hit the parks about 15-20 times a year, thus, introducing myself to the premium annual pass in order to do so.

    After VMK, I’ve hit the park once since then, and only because a Cast Member friend of mine got me in for free.

    I hope you suffer big time after our economic collapse in Feb Disney.


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