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Club Penguin Upgrade Spells Problems For Members

Danny Sullivan is reporting that his sons are having problems with their Club Penguin accounts after a recent upgrade. Both Penguins has changed color and lost items after a recent upgrade to the game.

If they hit Edit Player, the Color, Pin & Background tab shows nothing. That’s bad, because his penguin color was changed, and now he can’t change it back. And the Clothing and Award tab shows nothing. And these tabs mean like nothing to me, by the way.

It’s unclear if this is a system wide error or just happening sporadically. The Club Penguin Blog mentions a few bugs, but nothing system wide.

The Walt Disney Company purchased Club Penguin in a $700 million deal to grow its stable of online multiplayer games. Disney recently announced the closing of Virtual Magic Kingdom on May 21st which has resulted in over 11,000 fans signing a petition to keep the game open. The general feeling is that Disney wants to move players from the free VMK game to the pay games like Club Penguin.