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Dream Chief Magical Official Final Three Announced

Although as of publishing time this morning the regular website hasn’t yet been updated, Brady MacDonald at the LA Times has posted the final three qualifiers for the ultimate Disney Dream position of Chief Magical Official.

The finalists are: David Hawley of California, Justin Muchoney of Pennsylvania and Tripp West of Georgia.

While none of those were my favorites, I wish them all luck as they enter the head-to-head competition portion of the contest. They’ll all travel to Walt Disney World and compete in such challenging events as:

Stroller mix-up — Match the stroller with the correct accessory bag.

Towel folding — Create a towel animal following a training session.

Noise making — Generate the loudest crowd reaction.

Park information — Offer assistance, directions and tips to visitors.

Face painting — Create a design following a training session.

Voting will then be opened to the public again and a winner crowned on April 22nd. (Why did they choose that day… it’s the anniversary of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Earth Day. The Dream CMO position has nothing to do with either of those events and will either get buried or take away from the other events. Poor planning on someone’s part.)

(Via the LA Times)

Updated to add Press Release below…

CMO Election Heats Up Disney Parks Announces Top Three Finalists for Chief Magic Official

After three captivating weeks of online voting for Disney Parks’ Top 10 Chief Magic Official (CMO) candidates, Disney Parks and today announced the top three CMO finalists: David Hawley of Roseville, Calif., Justin Vance Muchoney from Seven Fields, Pa. and Tripp West from Powder Springs, Ga. The CMO search generated more than 1,300 entries and nearly 500,000 online votes.

After launching creative campaigns to drive the most votes, David, Justin and Tripp will have 10 days to mentally and physically prepare themselves for a two-day competition at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla. The events will begin Thursday, April 17, and end Friday, April 18. The winner will be crowned CMO on Tuesday, April 22, in front of Cinderella Castle in Magic Kingdom.

During Disney’s “Year of a Million Dreams,” the first-ever CMO will travel to Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts and help create magical experiences for guests, participate in special events and work their wizardry behind the scenes with the Walt Disney Imagineers.

“Each finalist should be proud of making it this far – the top three candidates out of 1,300 entries,” said Craig Dezern, vice president, Global Public Relations, Disney Parks. “We are excited to see who will lead the Park challenge, earn the most votes and ultimately be named the first-ever Disney Parks Chief Magic Official during ‘Year of a Million Dreams.’”

Tests of Creativity, Enthusiasm and Park Smarts

All three finalists will face a series of unique tests designed to challenge their CMO abilities – do they have what it takes to make magical moments and help “dreams come true” for guests?

From stroller derbies and professional towel-folding to face-painting, online voters will decide who gets to be the Disney Parks Chief Magic Official. Park guests will also be able to cheer on their favorite finalist.

Stroller Derby Expert

Donald Duck has sabotaged the orderly strollers in Magic Kingdom and left a mess for the finalists to fix – the candidate who can put five strollers back in order, with the right bags and accessories in the shortest amount of time, leads this challenge.

Throwing in the Towel

Each finalist will receive training from the towel-folding experts at Disney resort hotels. In the final round, contestants must recreate a randomly assigned towel animal within the specified time frame –will someone “throw in the towel?”

Let’s Make Some Noise!

Stationed along Main Street U.S.A., finalists will select some of Disney’s professional noise-making equipment. Using enthusiasm and creativity with the tools given, it’s up to the finalists to generate the loudest crowd.

So You Think You Know the Parks?

In the fourth challenge, contestants are stationed at the Tip Board at Epcot and will be tested on how well they greet guests, whether they offer helpful service, good tips and accurate information. At some point, certain guests will try to complicate the process – will the finalists crack under pressure?

Make a Face

For the final competition, finalists will be shuttled over to Disney’s Animal Kingdom where they will receive a crash course in face-painting. They will have to create a design on one of their family members or friends.

“Job seekers everywhere can be inspired by the creativity, energy and enthusiasm these CMO finalists have used to promote their candidacies,” said Richard Castellini, vice president of Consumer Marketing of “The finalists will get to experience a job interview like no other. We are excited to help Disney Parks and America find the right candidate for this one-of-a-kind position.”

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Starting April 17, the in-Park competition videos highlighting each of the three finalists participating in the events will be posted on for a final round of online voting. The ballots will remain open through April 21 (11:59 p.m. ET), and the top vote-getter will be named the Disney Parks Chief Magic Official.

CMO Search

After receiving more than 1,300 videos, each CMO entry was reviewed and judged by a group of Disney and representatives. The top 10 semi-finalists were announced March 3 and online voting nationwide lasted three weeks. Ballots for top 10 voting closed at 11:59 p.m. ET March 22.

For additional information about the CMO search, please visit

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  1. As one of Patrick Hurd’s podcast co-conspirators, I think it’s a real shame that popularity beat out talent in the contest. So the guy with the radio show got into the top three. Is anyone surprised? Being a videographer, I regretted not entering the contest. But in retrospect, I don’t think I’d ever enter one where the winners were selected by who gets the most clicks, rather than who had the best video. If a person were popular enough, he could put any old crap out there and win.

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