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Promising Pixar Artist Dies at 27

Sad news coming from Emeryville this week, Justin Wright, a promising artist working in the Story department at Pixar, died this week from a heart attack. Justin was a heart transplant survivor, but by all accounts had the heart of a lion. Just visit Justin’s blog to get a feeling for his talent.

Ronnie Del Carmen has a tribute and a list of links to other websites remembering Justin’s remarkable life.

All the staff at The Disney Blog send our condolences to Justin’s family at home and at the studio.

1 thought on “Promising Pixar Artist Dies at 27”

  1. As a member of the viewing public I extend my
    condolences on the loss of such a wonderfully talented young man. My husband and I saw Wall E and Presto today….we had to find out more about Justin after seeing the memorium in the credits.
    Thank you for allowing us a place to share our thoughts.

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