Where’s Don King? Disney Segway Lawsuit is back on!

The fight is back on. And after the underdog recovered from an early knock-out blow it’s shaping up to be a long drawn out fight? Or is it?

Keeping Up With Jonas has the latest news on the lawsuit to allow Segway use by the disabled inside Disney’s theme parks. The plaintiffs have amended their original complaint and it looks like the judge will allow the lawsuit to proceed. Now the ball is in Disney’s court as they’re likely to file another motion to dismiss hoping to avoid even the discovery phase.

My personal feeling is that this case should be tried on its merits so we know the limits of ADA when it comes to public accommodation and assistive devices like the Segway. There has been a lot of case law on office accommodations. Both sides have good points. However, I tend to agree with Jonas that based on the way courts have been ruling, I predict Disney will get this case dismissed. (Read)