Wednesday Morning Roundup

  • Disneyland got a new parade this week at it’s California Adventure second gate. The Pixar Play Parade replaced the Block Party Bash parade that got shipped to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. OC Register has a story and a photo slide show worth clicking on.
  • A patch/sticker from one of Disneyland’s backstage security programs has caused a stir on BoingBoing. Look out! It’s Big Brother Mickey Mouse.
  • Imaginerding (I’m still kicking myself for not registering that domain name) is having a poll for your favorite old school imagineer.
  • The Tourism blog at the Orlando Sentinel catches Disney being a bit confused with its travel rankings at it’s new family travel advice website.
  • Robert Bish reports on the Roller Coaster war coming to Orlando. Let’s hope this one really heats up, for the fans sake.
  • Tangeroa has a look back at Disney’s TRON and a few suggestions if Disney really does plan to go ahead with TRON 2.0 in 3D!