Hard Rock Park sets opening date with big bash

Hard Rock Park (official site) in Myrtle Beach, SC announced it will open the brand new park with a two-day celebration starting June 2nd. The Eagles and the Moody Blues will headline the event, and everyone will get to explore the world’s first Rock’n’Roll theme park. (I guess Graceland doesn’t count.)

While the official grand opening is in June, Hard Rock Park is set to have soft-openings as soon as the middle of March.

With rising gas prices it is predicted that these regional theme parks might be in for a bit of a rough haul unless they have sufficient population within a 1-2 hour drive time. Many smaller attractions closed last year. Destinations like Orlando, especially Walt Disney World with it’s free airport transportation, will continue to attract its usual bevy of guests (although their spending might be less due to tighter budgets). Still, I wish Hard Rock Park the best.

For those who live in the Orlando area and want to book a trip, Spirit Airlines has just announced a flight that will operate from Orlando to Myrtle Beach. Of course, when booking with Spirit keep this post by Alex Rudoff in mind.

See also Myrtle Beach Online’s fact sheet about the park (including recent news).

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  1. Re hard rock park-You mention Graceland which I haven’t been to, does it have roller coasters and theme rides? Hard rock park will. It will also have live music by bands that are still generating music and attarcting big crowds. The moodies and eagles are great bands I have paid to seen both in concert a few times each. I love Elvis and his impact on music but the moodies and eagles live on and rock on! I wish the hard rock park wll too!

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