Wednesday Night Roundup

It’s another new episode of LOST tomorrow. And I’m scheduled to do the write up. Should be fun. Meanwhile, here’s some great links to fill your Disney News Quota.

  • Disney is looking at property in Sydney Australia. The Disney rep is playing hard to get, but it seems likely that this would be a prime location for one of Disney’s new non-Magic Kingdom themed experiences.
  • The Walt Disney Family Museum is issuing bonds to pay for the renovation of the Presidio buildings it now occupies. The museum is expected to open in August 2009.
  • Gadling reports on the latest news in the long delayed project to build a bullet train between Disneyland (ie, Anaheim) and Las Vegas. Looks like private investment may step in where the government has failed to act.
  • editor Doobie Moseley has proclaimed Epcot as his favorite park. At least for today.
  • MuppetCentral has news of a Henson bio-pic script that was just optioned by Empire films. I really hope they do this right. Also note that has relaunched with Disney XD. That means more features and more video.
  • Remy is not pleased with the makeover of American Dog into Bolt. His suggestion that Disney feature animation develop it’s own ‘brain trust’ is something that Lasseter plans. Unfortunately it was too late to save Chris Sanders’ American Dog.
  • Disney is releasing it’s "Rock Band" killer for the Wii. Ultimate Band puts you in charge of creating a band that will rock the world.
  • If you happen to be in New York go visit Laura’s Little Mermaid display at the Lindenhurst Memorial Library. Not in NY, check it out on Flickr.