Aquatica By SeaWorld nets positive early reviews

With it’s official opening just a few days away, two positive reviews of Seaworld’s new water park Aquatica have been published by respected online theme park authors. I’m definitely looking forward to my chance to visit the park. Hopefully that will come soon. In the meantime, these reviews have me excited.

Kevin Yee brought his family to the park for a Passholder Preview day. His review is full of pictures, great descriptions of the attractions, and some honest opinions of the strengths and weaknesses of the park. In sum, don’t go expecting a lush themed Disney water park and you won’t be disappointed. Also, it’s probably wise to expect some small issues to crop up while the park works out the kinks.

Meanwhile over on AllEarsNet Linda Mac also visited Aquatica on during the Passholder Previews. While she also ran into some of the early opening problems that Kevin experienced, her review is much more glowing and a lot less critical. Plenty of good pictures though.

Finally, I can’t let this little irony pass without mentioning it. SeaWorld’s founder George Millay (his biography is a must read) also went on to build Wet’n’Wild. Now his original company is opening Wet’n’Wild’s closest competition. Is there enough room in Orlando for another water park, I think so. But check back in a few years.

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  1. We arrived in Orland yesterday for our annual March break family trip (6th year running). Aquatica was the first activity we did, and it was a great way to splash away the 22 hours in the car getting here. We’ve been to many water parks in our travels, and without a doubt Aquatica is one of the best ones we’ve ever been to!

    Our 2 year old loved the lazy river ride; our 6 year old loved the Dolphin Drop and the “toilet bowl” as she called it. For the adults, there were a couple of great water slides in the dark, and speed slides with enough adrenalin to make the most adventurous teenager happy. And the twin wave pools and sandy beach is enough to make anyone rethink going to the ocean. The one thing we couldn’t get over was the massive jungle gym structure. Picture the school yward climber of your dreams, then mix in a TON of hoses, sprinklers, fountains etc. We’re seriously thinking about skipping Daytona this year simply for the convenience of having a beach with bathroons, food etc. all seconds from the plentiful beach chairs and umbrellas.

    I think because the park is so new, there were virtually no crowds – one of the staff told us that they are concened about the lack of initial attendance for their first week open. My biggest suggestion to the park management is to improve the signeage from the highway. We knew it was near Seaworld, but had to stop at a gas station to ask directions – the park is just to the East side of Seaworld itself by the way.

    Our family all HIGHLY RECOMMEND the water park!

    Colin Gladwish
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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