Aquatica By SeaWorld nets positive early reviews

With it’s official opening just a few days away, two positive reviews of Seaworld’s new water park Aquatica have been published by respected online theme park authors. I’m definitely looking forward to my chance to visit the park. Hopefully that will come soon. In the meantime, these reviews have me excited.

Kevin Yee brought his family to the park for a Passholder Preview day. His review is full of pictures, great descriptions of the attractions, and some honest opinions of the strengths and weaknesses of the park. In sum, don’t go expecting a lush themed Disney water park and you won’t be disappointed. Also, it’s probably wise to expect some small issues to crop up while the park works out the kinks.

Meanwhile over on AllEarsNet Linda Mac also visited Aquatica on during the Passholder Previews. While she also ran into some of the early opening problems that Kevin experienced, her review is much more glowing and a lot less critical. Plenty of good pictures though.

Finally, I can’t let this little irony pass without mentioning it. SeaWorld’s founder George Millay (his biography is a must read) also went on to build Wet’n’Wild. Now his original company is opening Wet’n’Wild’s closest competition. Is there enough room in Orlando for another water park, I think so. But check back in a few years.