Disney rolls out its Virtual Fairy Land

Disney’s Fairies Pixie Hollow (covering all the bases in the great Pixie versus Fairy debate) was officially unveiled at the recent Toy Fair in New York. In the MMORG

visitors to the new online world will be able to explore the homes and meadows that make up Pixie Hollow. Fans will play and chat with Fairy friends, go on quests for Tinker Bell, play games, earn badges, craft jewelry and clothes and personalize their Fairy world.

This is all part of Disney’s attempt to franchise the Tinker Bell character even more. About 7 to 8 years ago Disney began to notice that its two strongest brands, Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh, had been joined by the Disney Princess and Tinker Bell brands almost totally via fan demand. The whole Pirate craze was manufactured almost out of whole cloth to provide some gender balance in the merchandise department. The Pixie brand has had a few fits and mis-fires in its launching process, but it seems to be on track now with the MMORG and the three upcoming Tinker Bell movies.

This article in the NY Times explores the interesting fact that teenage women are the new driving force in the online world. So it seems like a pretty smart play by Disney to get them while they’re still pre-teens and impressionable.