ABC Declares its post strike lineup

ABC has been the last of the four major networks to announce which shows will be continued after the writer’s strike was wrapped up and which ones will be delayed. Three shows will return, but are being delayed until possibly 2009. These are "Pushing Daisies," "Private Practice" and "Dirty Sexy Money". I hope they change their mind about "Pushing Daisies".

"Lost", of course, will be back but it will shift to 10 p.m. Thursdays, starting April 24. "Samantha Who?" the comedy staring Christina Applegate will be back starting April 7.

"Boston Legal" is returning April 8 with six new episodes.

"Desperate Housewives" returns April 13 for five new episodes.

"Brothers & Sisters", "Ugly Betty", and "Grey’s Anatomy" are also all scheduled to return. "Men In Trees" will be back starting next Wednesday.

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  1. From the reports I’ve seen, “Pushing Daisies”, “Private Practice”, and “Dirty, Sexy Money” will return in the Fall, not in 2009. Basically, the network plans to essentially re-launch them with heavy promotion at the start of the next Fall season. The thought was that tossing out a few more new episodes of not-yet established series wouldn’t be very effective.

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