LOST Season 3 Finale to play tonight with annotations

Never watched LOST before? Watched it a little, but didn’t watch much of last season? Then ABC has a deal for you. Tonight you can see the season 3 finale with added pop-ups to explain exactly whats going on in the episode. Disney’s calling it "LOST, Enhanced." Even though I’m an avid LOST fan, or perhaps because of that, I’ll certainly tune in myself.

Then get ready for the Season 4 premier tomorrow night. First there’s a 1-hour recap episode and then the real fun begins. I can’t wait.

Sadly, the studios inability to settle with the striking writers means we have an extra short 8 episode season. Let’s hope these recent talks between the parties brings swift resolution and allows the LOST team to start production on the next 8 episodes ASAP.

(via NY Times)