Twitter for Disney Travel Help and Advice

I find myself answering many questions on Twitter about what to do at Disney theme parks. Sometimes its advice on what to do at the parks, sometimes its suggestions on what to avoid, or just general tips and tricks. Turns out I’m not the only Disney fan on Twitter who does this. So I got to thinking, we should make it easier for people to find us when they have a Disney related question.

Here’s my thought. We chose a #hashtag that all Disney fans on Twitter track. What are hashtags? See

We then publish the hashtag on all our twitter profiles, websites, etc, that anytime anyone wants realtime advice for a Disney theme park they can just twitter a question with that #hashtag and anyone in the group who is online will see it and send an answer.

Of course, any group like this needs a name. I’m thinking something based on Disney’s Rescue Rangers. Twitter Rangers? Disney Twitter Rangers? Disney Help Rangers? I’m open to suggestions.

Anyone can participate just track the hashtag #DizHelp in your twitter client.  Then answer questions as they’re twittered with #DizHelp in your answer.

To ask questions of The Disney Help Rangers just use the #DizHelp hashtag at the end of your twitter message. Most questions or requests for Disney Travel Advice should be answered quickly, more quickly as others sign up. I realize it takes a little fore-knowledge to participate. But if all the Disney Help Rangers put #DizHelp in their response tweets then the word of its use will spread.

What do you think?

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