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The Disney Blog Roundup – Saturday Edition

Still trying to come up with a good name for this semi-regular link roundup feature. Any suggestions?

  • There’s an important post by ZapperZ over at MyDisneyMania. In it he debunks the myth that Walt Disney was an antisemite
  • Some of the big news this week is that Disney has once again been testing a wireless information guide that uses the Nintendo DS as its host platform. You can ‘rent’ a device at the Magic Kingdom. It features maps, games, and even wait times. Read this informative post on WDWMagic (scroll down to see pictures), an article on Nintendo World Report, and my recent post on how Disney could use Twitter for similar purposes.
  • Matt at StudiosCentral checks in on the progress of Toy Story Mania, due to open Summer 2008 in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It’s already in the test and adjust phase, so look for cast member testing and then soft openings as soon as April perhaps. I love that the area will be themed to look like Pixar Studios in Emeryville, even going so far as to use the exact same bricks for the building exterior.
  • The California Adventure version of Toy Story Mania is currently scheduled to open Summer of 2008 as well (divined by Broke Hoedown).
  • has a brief photo tour update from EPCOT.
  • Meyer Werft, who is building the two new Disney Cruise lines, just unveiled a big new feature. No, pictures of the Disney Ships aren’t up on the webcam, yet. But you can use their new ‘design a cruiseliner‘ tool to make your own version of the Disney Cruise lines.
  • Disney Cruise Lines has been served with a lawsuit arguing that negligence on the part of cruise staff members and designers contributed to the death of a passenger during one of the Mediterranean cruises last summer.
  • USAToday gets you ready for LOST’s season 4 premier next week. Look for more self-contained episodes this season, while the show still makes slow progress toward the big answers. Remember it’s moved to Thursday nights at 9pm ET/PT.
  • "Minutemen", a time-traveler sci-fi Disney teen flick, debuted on The Disney Channel last night. The Salt Lake Tribune gives it a good review. It’s on again tonight, so DVR it if you dare.
  • Graywolf complains of various Disney Spam blogs masquerading as news on sites like Netscape’s Propeller and Digg. I hear your cry… eventually you just learn to live with it and hope that your quality original content wins out in the end.
  • My second batch of Disney items on eBay is closing tomorrow. Among the items is one of the new Disney’s Hollywood Studios Year Of A Million Dreams Fastpass Lanyards.