High School Musical 3 Audition Information

And now the moment you’ve all be waiting for. The chance to star along side the cast of High School Musical in the third film.  Send your headshot and resume to the addresses below then keep your fingers crossed.

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Production is set to begin late March / early April 2008.
**Please submit by mail only. No personal drop-offs**
Casting Information:

Jason LaPadura
LaPadura/Hart Casting
100 Universal City Plaza
MT 6149
Universal City CA 91608

Production Company:

Disney Channel in association with:

Salty Pictures, Inc.
4080 S West Temple
Salt Lake City UT 84107


First Street Films
120 Broadway Ave., 2nd Fl.
90401 Santa Monica
California, USA.

Executive Producers: Bill Borden, Barry Rosenbush and Don Schain
Director: Kenny Ortega
Filming Location: Various locations in and around Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah

Zac Efron – Troy Bolton
Vanessa Anne Hudgens – Gabriella Montez
Ashley Tisdale – Sharpay Evans
Lucas Grabeel – Ryan Evans
Monique Coleman – Taylor McKessie
Corbin Bleu – Chad Danforth

Story: Troy and Gabriella head off to college in different directions, and the musical wonderment escalates to a whole new level. Along with the other Wildcats, they will reflect their experiences, hopes and fears regarding their future.

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26 thoughts on “High School Musical 3 Audition Information

  1. ryley

    zac i hope i get your autogragh one day and essa i think both of you are the best actor’s in calafornia see ya

  2. Aanisah M.Watkins

    Oh My Gosh I would love to be on high school musical. I have such a great musical talent that is waiting to be discovered. I cant wait

  3. emilie

    do you have to be american to audition or do you think they would give us english a chance if we sent off our CV’s and headshots?

  4. Shauniel Dean

    hello, is there a certain age group, a specific look? and also can someone from the uk have an opportunity? thank you very much look forward to your reply

  5. Melissa Galo

    I can sing pretty good and I could make some songs for the movie, believe me!!!

    I think they are all talented and great trained and I want to be part of High School Musical!!!!!

    I’d also like to know what kind of people you are looking for??!!

  6. rushing justinm

    why high school musical 3 is coming to theater why not Disney channel please tell me when i check me email tomorrow in third block

  7. John from TheDisneyBlog.com

    Good Question Justin,

    The less cynical among us would say because Disney thinks it deserves a wider audience and the big screen treatment. The more cynical would say because Disney things it can make more money this way. The truth is probably some of both.


  8. penny

    i would absolutely love to audition for hsm3 but i would like to know a deadline for the head shots and resumes!

  9. Annie

    YAY!HSM3!! I can’t believe they are filming some of this in Ogden!! That means Zac Efron where I live! YAY!

  10. jeanpaulvinals

    i am a big fan of high school musical i would be living my dream.i have a passion for high school musical

  11. Donavan k Hepburn Jr

    hello, i would definitley love to have the chance to act in high school musical 3. I would just like to know when the headshot deadline is.

  12. jennifer pamphil

    How old do u have to be to audition and what should i do if i have no acting experience. wat should i put on my resume and wat is the deadline. where is the casting

  13. jennifer pamphil

    How old do u have to be to audition and what should i do if i have no acting experience. wat should i put on my resume and wat is the deadline. where is the casting

  14. marvin jefferson

    hi i would love to audition for hsm3 how old o you haft to be and were are all the location for auditioning

  15. Kristian

    I love to sing even though I’m a boy!I think I really know how to sing and I hope I can show you guys!Since I go to church I pray for this opertunity,but I guess thats for you to decide!!!I’m a big fan VANESSA

  16. Lisa

    Hello I would love to audition for High School Musical 3! I just want to know how old do you have to be and where is the location for the auditioning? Also how long are you going to be filming for?

  17. Ashley

    hi i would luv to audition for high school musical 3. i can sing really well and catch on to any dance move. how old do you have to be and when and where and how are you going to be flimimg for

  18. Aly

    What kind of dancers are you looking for? If you want to be a dancer do you have to be able to sing? I’m like a contemporary/jazz/ballet dancer.

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