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Wednesday Roundup

  • I really enjoyed this piece on one of Walt Disney’s early animators Wilford Jaxon over at Hans Perk’s blog.
  • I hope this isn’t some form of method acting, but High School Musical star Zac Efron was hospitalized yesterday to have his appendix removed. Get well soon Zac. Disney can’t make the third film without you. No really.
  • Never start a land war in Asia, never challenge a Sicilian when death is on the line, and now… don’t try and build a condo in the Anaheim Resort District after the housing bubble has burst. Yep, the condo complex that a developer wanted to build on the old Toys’R’Us site has withdrawn his proposal.
  • 4th quarter injury reports have been released for Florida’s theme parks. This is getting to be as bad as Orange Juice futures.
  • Disney is getting back into sports. This time they’re buying a stake in the NBA’s China league. Disney has a great history with sports teams. They struggle while Disney owns them and then a few years after they’re sold (sometimes as soon as the next year), the teams win a championship.
  • Disney is pledging nearly $2 million toward the Great Ormond Street Children’s hospital made famous when Peter Pan’s author gave them the rights to his work. The hospital is trying to raise nearly $20 million for redevelopment.