Women’s Murder Club: Kiss the Wine

So there was a new episode of Women’s Murder Club tonight.  Did you know?  Cause I almost missed it.  I’ll confess, it took me a few minutes to get back into the swing of things, but it wasn’t long because I was enjoying catching up with the ladies.

Our story tonight opens with Lindsay attempting to go for a jog.  But she’s distracted.  First, it’s the FBI agent following her in his car taunting her.  Something about the Kiss Me Not Killer’s note.  It’s been nine days since he showed it to her, and she is refusing to tell anyone about it or help the FBI profile the guy so they can take a step forward in the case.

Lindsay’s second interruption is a phone call from a regular homeless informant.  In this case, he’s calling to tell her about a head he’s found.  With a little help from everyone else, we find the rest of the body.  The victim was run over by a car, and his body is spread all over the place.

Nope, it’s not a pretty picture.

The man leaves behind a wife and a partner in a wine business.  Neither one seem to have motive.  Which, naturally, means there are plenty of twists and turns to come.

And, for those wondering, there was also a sub-plot involving Heather, who was struggling with changing her last name because she doesn’t like the way Heather Hogan sounds.  Naturally, it was Lindsay who talked her through it.  Now you know I’ve talked about how I like what they’ve done with the Heather/Tom/Lindsay storyline.  But seriously, was this all they could think of?  Frankly, it would have been better to leave her out of the episode then give us this.  Especially since I don’t honestly see Lindsay going to help Heather in this way.

But back to the interesting storyline of the evening, the Kiss Me Not Killer.  I’d say that they spent about as much time on this case as the mystery of the week.  Makes me hope they will give us a resolution (if the writer’s strike ends and ABC lets them).  As soon as Tom got back from his honeymoon, The FBI agent (and yes, I missed his name) went to him and asked for Lindsay’s help with the case.  Tom was rather mad when he found out about the note, and pulled Lindsay off the wine case to work on this one.  Not that she stayed out of it, but it did give Jacobi more to do this week.

We also got emotional scenes as Jacobi and the other ladies found out about the threat.

But the real breakthrough came at the end.  (Like that’s a surprise.)  Lindsay suddenly made a connection between the various victims.  They were all left with pieces of fairytales.  What fairytales or what that might tell us about him we weren’t told.  But it is a definite step forward.

As you might have figured out, this episode pretty much revolved around Lindsay with pieces of the other characters thrown in.  We did get to see that Jill is happy being single again (I’m certainly not.  I liked her with Luke.)  And, while we didn’t see Denise, we learned she has been treating Jill better since her drunken outburst at the wedding.  There wasn’t much with Cindy or Claire this week that wasn’t case related.

So no, I don’t think this was the strongest episode of the series.  Still, it was nice to check in with them again and get another piece of the Kiss Me Not Killer puzzle.  Hopefully, we’ll see them all again sooner rather then later.