Be on the lookout for fake Disney CDs

Apparently there have been a couple reports of kids who bought or received a Disney Channel Hits CD for the holidays but got something else entirely.

While it looked like a Disney CD that Jay Scott’s daughter got as a
Christmas gift, the music on it was actually from the Diplomats, a
hip-hop group out of New York and it’s not what Hannah Montana fans are
used to hearing.

"Even the radio mix is at least cleaner. It was quite explicit," Scott said.
gift from a grandmother, the CD was an exclusive product of Toys R Us.
From the packaging to the disc art, there is nothing to indicate it is
anything but a Disney CD.

It’s probably a good idea to have a listen to your kids music before they do anyway. But no word on why this might be happening.

This has been a public service message from The Disney Blog who reminds you that Hannah is not the Capital of Montana. (Link)

1 thought on “Be on the lookout for fake Disney CDs”

  1. This is probably a production error rather than a case of “fake CDs”.

    Back when the CD of Disney Park cover songs was released (Barenaked Ladies singing Grim Grinning Ghosts, Tim Curry singing Davy Crockett), the first version I purchased had the proper packaging and the CD had the proper art work. However, what was burned on the disc was Don McClean’s American Pie album.

    After lots of calls to figure out what happened (the internets wasn’t as mainstream then), I was told that during production, that there were probably CDs with the Disney artwork left in the machine when the production run in that machine switched from the Disney CD to American Pie. When the CDs came out, they looked to be the Disney ones and were sent off to be packaged as such.

    Evidently this doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen. Because it is a Disney product is probably the only reason that this “newsworthy” is because it is a Disney product.

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