Blue Sky Disney takes on Imagineering’s Lame Projects

Honor Hunter at Blue Sky Disney takes on Imagineering and Disney theme park management for their sloppy attraction building habits over the last dozen years (or so).

Think we would have been having all these discussions right now about
how to fix DCA if they would have done it right in the first place?
Probably not. And this is not just another ranting against Eisner and
his crew, although they deserve the scorn that has been heaped upon
them. I like many others would have liked to have seen WestCot built
where California Adventure stands and I would have loved for Port
Disney, with its Disneysea to have been built in Long Beach. I also
feel that while Eisner was wrong to go the skimpy route and build a
park on the cheap, if he had built a park with the detail and cost of
Tokyo DisneySea the company would have had a horrible time recovering
from that expenditure after 9-11.

Hindsight is not always 20-20, but you have to engage in it or you’re doomed to repeat your mistakes. (Link)