Spaceship Earth, The Walls Come Down Tomorrow

For all you Disney fans hoping to get a ride on Spaceship Earth, the AP is reporting that the attraction will open tomorrow. Now technically, the attraction is still in previews until February so it might close for additional changes, but the article indicates any changes will be minor.

I’ll be at the parks this weekend braving the insane holiday crowds, so I am happy to finally be getting a chance to ride. (Link)

4 thoughts on “Spaceship Earth, The Walls Come Down Tomorrow”

  1. We rode it last week and it’s not ready. It seemed incomplete on the descent. It’s been my favorite attraction at WDW ever since we’ve been going and it’s been diminished.

  2. The ride was fun but I was VERY disappointed to come across a typo in the viewscreen questions during the decent.

    As any anthropology student will tell you it should be “human’s” or “humans'”, but not “humans”.

    I agree with the above though, the ride just doesn’t feel complete. The ride is great, up until the decent…and we even were warned about that by one of the folks working the ride who TOLD US that he hated the last portion of the ride.

    When the ride operators have bad things to say about their ride? That should say something.

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