Second Death at Walt Disney World in one week

The Orlando Sentinel is reporting the second death in less than a week at Walt Disney World.

A man who slipped and fell outside a restaurant at Disney’s Magic
Kingdom on Thursday died of his injuries Friday, according to Disney

The 72-year-old man, who was at the theme park with his family, was
taken to a hospital where he died, spokeswoman Jacquee Polak said. She
did not give the man’s name.

The huge number of people who visit Walt Disney World every day means this is bound to happen occasionally. It’s too bad it happened in the same week as the Cast Member’s death compounding the bad news. My condolences to the family of the latest death.

7 thoughts on “Second Death at Walt Disney World in one week”

  1. I live in Orlando and when I read or hear about the accidents that happen at Disney or any of the other parks in the area, I often wonder what the point of pushing the story in the media is–other than to give Disney et al a black eye. If the company was at fault or negilent then that’s one thing but if the accident (or sadly, death) happens because the guest or emloyee did not follow the ride rules (like not standing up when they should be butt down) or if they had an unknown medical condition, it seems like that is not news. And as was pointed out, with the masses that go through the gates on any given day, an accident can happen.

  2. Not only is this an unneccessary article by the Sentinel, it is entirely incorrect. The man was driving *into* the Magic Kingdom (near the toll plaza) and had a heart attack while driving and passed away. No slipping, no restaurant, not even in a theme park. It makes me wonder how this newspaper can even stay in business for all of the errors that they make.

  3. Jessica,

    Apparently you’re thinking of another incident. In the case reported above, according to someone who knew him he was a gentleman from Morton, MS who fell down a flight of steps. While it hasn’t been confirmed, witnesses who were there that day report that he fell outside of Cosmic Ray’s.

  4. My apologies – I was told something very different by someone “in the know,” so to speak, so I apologize for my hasty response. I’m just tired of the poor reporting that takes place at times, especially when it comes to reports regarding the lives of others, and I was a little too harsh.

    My thoughts are with the gentleman involved and his family.

  5. People can fall down steps any where, and they do. It’s not Disney’s fault. Therefore, I agree that it is not news and the only reason the paper reports it is to get mileage at Disney’s expense. I can see reporting a death on a fast ride so that people know that, if you have a heart condition, the ride can be dangerous. However, this sort of common accident should NOT be reported in the paper.

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