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Women’s Murder Club: The Past Come Back to Haunt You

As much as I have been enjoying the show, I think this is my favorite episode to date.

Ben Cooper has been murdered.  He was a janitor in a lamp warehouse.  But Lindsay thinks she recognizes him.  Why?

When Cindy is leaving the crime scene in Maggie (that’s her car), she discovers a man hiding in the back seat.  Once she stops panicking, he tells her his name is Jamie Galvin and he was coming to meet the victim.  Jamie’s father, Paul, is 48 hours away from being executed for a murder seven years ago.  Ben’s testimony was key to putting Paul in prison, but Ben was about to recant.

The other women are skeptical, especially when they find out Jamie kidnapped Cindy.  But as they investigate, they begin to agree.  Especially after Jamie’s apartment explodes.  Fortunately he wasn’t there at the time, but it’s another piece of the puzzle.

Unfortunately, the victim seven years ago was an ADA, and the case made Denises’s career.  Since Denise and Jill are already at odds, what harm could come to Jill by pursuing the case?  Is Paul innocent?  Can they prove it in time?

This is a case where the previews gave away too much.  For example, I knew it would come down to the wire.  Then again, what kind of show wouldn’t have milked every drop of drama out of the scenario?  That meant many of the scenes were predictable, but it was still good.

As usual, the plot kept me confused most of the time.  I did spot the villain as soon as we saw them.  But it was handled so well.

And the beginning was so witty.  Watching Cindy try to defend the Jamie to the three other women was funny.  And the scene where Lindsay told Claire about her one night with Tom was great as well.  I wasn’t surprised about the outcome of that storyline.  I would have been shocked if they had made her pregnant.

It was nice to see Denise again after several weeks gone.  We got to see a slightly different side of her this week.  She wasn’t completely mean, although she was definitely still out for herself.  As the results of this case shake out, I’ll be interested to watch the department shake out.

And I really feel like they are getting the feel for the show down.  It wasn’t all the Lindsay crime drama hour.  All four of the women were involved and provided key bits of the puzzle.

I was disappointed that they did nothing with Jill’s boyfriend’s malpractice lawsuit.  They mentioned it briefly, but that was about all.  The show was so full with the main storyline, I’m not completely surprised.  Hopefully they’ll work that back in before we run out of episodes.

With all the lines, however, the one that stood out to me was this one.  Lindsay to the other women:  "I’m touched that everyone wants to see the best in people.  I’m a cop.  I don’t have that luxury."