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Tim Burton Returns to Disney for “Alice” and “Frankenweenie” features

I doubt it’s a coincidence that once John Lasseter returned to work for the Walt Disney Company Tim Burton was not far behind. The two were office-mates back in their Disney Feature Animation days. The good news is that Burton will direct two films, an "Alice in Wonderland" remake and an expansion on his "Frankenweenie" cult classic.

The "Alice" adaptation, combining live-action and performance-capture technology, will start shooting in early 2008.

Burton will then start work on a full-length version of his 1984 cult favorite "Frankenweenie," about a pet dog who is brought back to life by his loyal owner in a very unusual way. The film will be shot in stop-motion animation.

Burton is currently wrapping up work on Sweeney Todd starring Johnny Depp, who has helped Disney bring in the big bucks recently in the Pirates Of The Caribbean series. I wonder if Depp will be cast in either of the above films? Mad Hatter perhaps?

Found Via Populuxe. (Read)